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::: Bioround-G

Conference / Performance of Colyne Morange and Mathias Delplanque

A multidisciplinary artist has been selected to achieve a masterpiece with 1 % of the renovation budget for a town's periphery. She has developed an artistic, ecological and social concept, foreseeing it to be built upon a ring's roundabout: a giant apple. Willing to transform the press conference into a groundbreaking form, she performs her PowerPoint presentation playing electronic music, and cooking apples. A conference that constantly switches between reality and fiction, questioning the relationships between art, public spaces, and public money, with an electroacoustic soundtrack by the French composer Mathias Delplanque.

Concept / performer : Colyne Morange
Sound design : Mathias Delplanque
Dramaturgy : Heike Bröckerhoff
Production : Stomach Company
Supports : Lolab ; Le DIX Maison de Quartier de la Butte Sainte Anne ; La Fabrique / Trempolino

SPOT festival - City hall of Nantes
15 September 2013

Quartier de la Création / Atlantbois - Nantes
14 November 2013 - 19H

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