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::: Experimenting Cities

"Try to fit in a city, try to live in a city, try to find the best city where to live, to leave, to go, to find something, anything..."

Mathilde Maillard & Colyne Morange impulsed this "in situ" project in January 2009, during a living residency in Berlin.
This project is performative and multiform. It is a long term research, developed in varying cities and through many steps.
This is an invitation to explore a city through a 10 rules 's list, more or less absurd, to interpret and fulfill with a first or fourtiest degree.
This is an everyday experimentation, a urban research, that generates diferent kind of material and artistic forms: photographs, videos, happenings, soundtracks, texts, etc.
It is possible to follow its diferent steps via a webblog.
Experimented cities : Berlin (2009, 2010), Nantes (2011), Venice (2010), Barcelone (2013)...

 The 10 rules 

  1 - Try to make your body fit the city shapes
  2 - Try to see the city from every point of view
  3 - Try to meet people
  4 - Try to eat sausages
  5 - Try to make your body fit to the city weather
  6 - Try to speak/understand the city language
  7 - Try to understand the supermarkets of the city
  8 - Try not to pay in the transport web
  9 - Try to understand the way money flows in the city
10 - Try to have sex with the citizen
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