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::: About the Edge of a Roundabout - Working Title

As a tribute for the victims of the 4th of August 2002, a multidisciplinary artist has been invited to conceive a Memorial, on the site of the attack.
During a commemorative evening, the artist and her two partners gather an audience for the first time, to disclose their project of memorial. Ritualistic hanging of wet plastic bags on tree branches; a radio station broadcasting sounds of sirens and shots; a rest-stop shop distributing a variety of commemorative kits to meet the tastes of consumers ... these are some of the 100 ideas imagined by these creators who, in front, for and with the audience, seek, think and experiment all possibilities.

A performance that tells the story of 3 artists who try their best to commemorate a violent event that everybody has already forgotten.

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Concept : Colyne Morange
Dramaturgy : Heike Bröckerhoff
Choreography and outside eye : Leslie Henfrey-Smith
Video design & stage manager : Pierre Bouglé
Sound design : Mathias Delplanque
Light design : Emmanuel Larue
Artistic collaboration : Cécile Trichet
Dramaturgy support : Ana Vujanovic, Leslie Menahem
Performers : Pierre Bouglé, Heike Brökerrhoff, Colyne Morange and who wants to participate

Production : Stomach Company
Coproduction : Le TU-Nantes, Le Théâtre du Champ de Bataille - Angers, le collectif ap[Art]
Supports : le programme européen Jeunesse en action, la ville de Nantes - projet Fabrique, Ausland Berlin

Théâtre du Champ de Bataille, Angers
> 11, 12 & 13 December 2013
> 25, 26 & 27 February 2014
Festival Frisch Eingettroffen, Mannheim (De)
> 18 July 2014
Théâtre de l'Écluse, Le Mans
> 6 & 7 March 2015

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